De La Salle University
Admission Procedures

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  1. The DLSU College of Law follows a trimestral calendar and will only accept full time students for the 1st term of the academic year.  However, students may opt to join the working block- the same regular 4-year JD program with afternoon and evening class schedules- upon proof of employment.

  2. Qualified applicants who enrolled for the 1st term of the academic year and were granted authorized leaves of absence (LOA) may be readmitted to the College of Law.  However, the allowable LOA lasts only for one (1) year except in highly meritorious cases.

  3. All applicants will have to take and pass the DLSU Juris Doctor Aptitude Test (JDAT) and the mandatory interview to be admitted to the program.  The DLSU JDAT is a three-hour test divided into four sections: the first three parts assess the applicant's ability to detect patterns and relationships, and the last section is essay writing.  Graduate degree holders are not exempted from taking the test.

  4. Students are subject to the policies, rules, and regulations of the DLSU Student Handbook.

NOTE:  The DLSU Office of Admissions and Scholarships have available scholarships slots for interested applicants to the College of Law.